Lastar Riesling

Wine region: Levač wine region
Type content: Rhine Riesling
Vinification: 100% inox
Alcohol: 12%
Awards: Bronze medal: BIWC 2019

In the Lastar winery, Riesling is produced in limited quantities and only when the conditions are satisfactory during the year. Lastar Riesling is unique because the grapes come from an old, mature vineyard, founded in 1976, where the yield is naturally very small with a fantastic concentration of aromatic and other components. We believe that the classic, conventional processing with a short maceration and cold fermentation is necessary in order to allow the wine to show it's native terroir. This is precisely the reason Lastar Riesling has a pronounced sortness of the aroma. Freshness is emphasized and aromas of green apple and lemon are dominant. Riesling sits without the influence of wood, in inox dishes over a yeast precipitate and is bottled after 6 months. 2015 harvest bore riper grapes which is why the wine evolved more quickly. On the other hand, in 2017 the grapes were harvested earlier, so Lastar Riesling 2017 seems a little bit fresher, fruitier and ready for longer sitting and easier evolution.

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