Our Story

In the Lastar winery, the story of wine begins right where it should: in the vineyard

Located in the Sekurič village area, in the Gaj way, between the Juhor mountain to the east and the Gledić mountains to the west, our vineyards are positioned at an altitude of 300-330 meters above sea level, on land belonging to the smonica group (clay soil), soil rich in clay. In certain parts of the location, we also find soil with a higher quantity of fine and coarse sand, while limestone deposits can be found in all 5 layers of soil, observed during excavations at a depth of 7 meters. The diversity of soil composition, coupled with temperature differences between day and night during the ripening period, contributes to the development of a wide range of aromatic compounds in the grapes.

Rich and unique terroir affects the special nature of our wines and inspires each new bottle.

Mount Juhor, located east of our vineyards, forms a slightly cooler climate compared to the rest of the Levač vineyard region. On the other hand, excellent exposure allows for a lot of sunlight throughout the day, and the slope of the terrain ensures a continuous airflow, which benefits the microclimate within the vines themselves.

On 32 hectares of land, the Lastar winery cultivates eight different grape sorts: Chardonnay, Tamjanika, Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon.

We paid special attention to the selection of the right beds and clones and depending on the plot and sort, we used several different ones - doing our best to represent the quality and singularity of Levač wine region in the best possible way. A significant portion of the planting material has been imported from France, representing one of the results of the Lastar winery's collaboration with international and domestic experts in winemaking and viticulture.

Favoring tradition and quality, aside from young plantations, Lastar vinery also owns old vineyards of the Pinot Noir variety, established in 1976.

Vinarija Lastar Berba Vinograd
Burad Vinarija Lastar

For best results, we employ reduction and strict control of the yield through quantity as well as quality. We try to maintain low yield which demands hard manual work in order to go through the necessary processes (pruning, weeding, defoliation, cluster thinning, and finally a quality harvest).

Also, in order to prevent destruction of the yield, with the help of a meteorological station installed in the vineyard, and with minimal intervention using chemical substances, we closely follow weather parameters as well as the possibility of diseases and grapevine pests due to environmental changes.

Lastar Winery aims to produce high-quality wine that fully embodies all the characteristics of the Levač vineyard region.

Our rich and unique terroir assists us in producing the highest quality grapes, which is crucial in the production of quality wines. However, without quality equipment and the proper application of modern technologies, it is impossible to produce high-quality wines.

That's why, from the very beginning, we have made an effort to collaborate with the most relevant international producers of winemaking and viticulture equipment. Additionally, the architecture of the section dedicated to wine production is designed in a way to maximize the use of gravity during processing, minimizing the use of pumps. This allows for the free flow of young wine, from the first - highest level where the grape processing begins, to the last - lowest level where the bottling of the finished product takes place.

In addition to stainless steel tanks used for fermentation, aging, and preparing wine for bottling, an essential part of the winery is the barrel room, where barrels from the most eminent French producers take the lead. By carefully selecting the volume, type of oak, and the level of toasting of the barrels, we balance the influence of wood in the wine. Our goal is to preserve the identity of the Levač vineyard region.

Burad Vinarija Lastar