Lastar penušavac Brut

Wine region: Levač
Type content: Chardonnay
Vinification: Traditional method
Alcohol: 11%

This sparkling wine has been created using a traditional, champagne method, out of chardonnay sort. This primarily means that the secondary fermentation of the wine was performed in the bottle. After picking and pressing of entire clusters of grapes without treading, the first alcohol fermentation is performed. Part of wine aged in oak casks of 500 liters (Tonno) and after 6 months, the second fermentation in the bottle proceeded. After this, the wine aged in bottles on the layer of yeast and at low temperatures for another 18 months. Sparkling wine is yellow with a mild hay shade. It is dry, that is, it is in the brut category. Perlage is very stable, which means that the bubbles are very small and that they retain their size all the way from the bottom of the glass to the surface. The odor brings a pleasant feeling of freshness without the sharpness and aggression of carbon-dioxide. Also, fruit aroma is present (apple, pineapple, pear), bread crust, and also a very noticeable impact of the yeast on which the wine aged, while the taste is creamy, full, fruity, very fresh and balanced.

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Cream sauce salad