Lastar Sauvignon-Viognier Triangl

Wine region: Levač wine region
Type content: Sauvignon blanc 65% Viognier 35%
Vinification: 100% barrique
Alcohol: 13%
Awards: Best of Show Serbia: Mundus vini 2020
Gold medal: Mundus vini 2020
Silver medal: BIWC 2019 // IWC 2020
Bronze medal: Decanter 2020
Triangl Sauvignon Viognier

Choosing the time of harvest is truly very important in order for these two types to be compatible in the final coupage. It is necessary for Sauvignon blanc and Viognier to reach adequate phenolic and aromatic maturity. After a long maceration (between 6 and 24h), follows the settling of must which then ferments at 12-18 degrees. Both wines sit for 12 months in oak tonno casks (500 liters) with periodic stirring and raising of the precipitate. 2017 harvest, compared to 2016, is a touch more fruity, with a somewhat higher alcohol content, because the year was quite dry and warm in Levač. Sauvignon-Viognier Triangl is adorned with aromas of saturn peach, apricot, mango, as well as a finely melded, mild oak aroma. The wine is creamy, fresh and complex. These two types are absolutely complementary, and the coupage is unique on the domestic market. Each year, the challenge is to make the perfect relation of the two types in the final coupage, also Sauvignon-Viognier Triangl, like all the wines from the Triangl series, is produced only and exclusively in the best years.

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