Lastar Tamjanika

Wine region: Levač wine region
Type content: Tamjanika
Vinification: 100% inox
Alcohol: 12%
Awards: Silver medal:Mundus vini 2018 // BIWC 2017 / 2018 / 2019
Bronze medal:IWC 2018 // Decanter 2018
Vinarija Lastar Tamjanika 2018

We believe that tamjanika must be fresh, fluttery, tender and aromatic, and this is precisely what Tamjanika Lastar is like. Seasons are different and each brings new challenges, but we do our best to maintain the quality of our Tamjanika every year. Above all, we put a lot of effort and work in the vineyard. We harvest most of the grapes in early August so we would preserve the aroma and avoid the harsh phenolic character of the wine, and later harvest the rest. We maintain a clean and soft style of the wine, which is why we don't macerate the grapes, and we take special care during the draining process in order to get the cleanest and freshest must. Must ferments in neutral dishes, in low temperatures of 12-15 degrees, and then the wine briefly sits on the yeast precipitate. Harvests of 2016 and 2017 fundamentally are not very different in character, but 2018 is slightly fresher, with higher acid content due to a very rainy year. Still, with all the challenges that 2018 brought, we succeeded in keeping the quality of Tamjanika Lastar that is already established on the market.

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