Lastar Pinot Noir

Vineyards: Levač
Varietal composition: Pinot noir
Winemaking: 100% barrique
Alcohol: 14%
Serving temperature: 16-18°C
The most significant awards: Gold medal: AIN 2019 // BIWC 2019
Silver medal: Mundus vini 2017 // AWC 2017
Bronze medal: Decanter 2017/2019// IWC 2019

Pinot noir Lastar nourishes an elegant style of wine in which the flavours of strawberries, cherries and forest soil are noticeable. By connecting different clones and plots, we try to present the most elegant and demanding variety in the world of wine in the best possible way. The peculiarities of the Levač vineyards are perfectly suited to this grape variety, which naturally provides good working conditions. However, Pinot noir requires a lot of attention both in the vineyards and in the cellar, but it can provide very complex wines with the possibility of long aging in a bottle. Varietal characteristics are complemented by the mild influence of oak, while silky tannins complement the taste and the overall impression of this wine.

Gastro recommendation

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Gastro predlozi: Teletina


Wild game stew

Steak with arugula

Goose pâté