Lastar Merlot-Cabernet Franc

Wine region: Levač
Type content: Merlot, Cabernet Franc
Vinification: 100% barrique
Alcohol: 15%
Awards: Gold medal: Mundus vini 2020

Cuvee Merlot-Cabernet Franc is created primarily through careful actions in the vineyard paying strict attention to the ratio of the leaf mass and the quantity of fruit on the vine-wood, as well as the management of rows so that our vineyard could produce grapes of high concentration and quality of phenol compounds. Vinification of sorts is performed in Inox vessels, separated, with strict selection of acinus. By applying both traditional and modern techniques, we are investing our best efforts to extract all desirable components from the epidermis of grapes. This is the reason for the ravishing and multi-layer smell of Merlot-Cabernet Franc. Fruit aromas dominate, including blackberries, black currant, with sense of forest soil, cedar and cinnamon. After the extraction and alcohol fermentation the vine passes through the malolactic fermentation and then is left in 225-liter casks. We believe that this aging is one of the most important processes in production, thus, we are selecting casks of the most prestigious global manufacturers. Final cuvee occurs after one year of aging, and after bottling the vine ages for another year in bottles.

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