Lastar Chardonnay

Wine region: Levač wine region
Type content: Chardonnay
Vinification: 65% inox,35% barrique
Alcohol: 13%
Awards: Gold medal: BIWC 2017
Silver medal: Mundus vini 2016 // AWC 2017 // BIWC 2019 // AIN 2019
Bronze medal: IWC 2017 / 2018 / 2019 // Decanter 2017 / 2018

Chardonnay Lastar is a true breath of fresh air on the market because of its stylistic similarities with Burgundy, which make it unique. Soil analysis and climate characteristics of the Levač wine region point to the fact that Burgundy and Levač truly have a similar terroir. Due to cooler climate characteristics, our Chardonnay always has dominant primary aromas from the grapes. Those are aromas of pear, apple, lemon and pineapple completed by the soft character of wood which adds complexity, but is never at the forefront. Chardonnay Lastar for the most part sits in inox dishes, while a smaller portion (25-40%) sits in tonno casks (500 liters) of the highest quality oak. Thanks to the optimal conditions during the entire 2015, wine had the complexity and the aromatic maturity which is why there was no need for a strong influence of wood, while 2016 was colder and more rainy so the wine took longer to mature. Also, the acid content was higher and that's why around 40% of the wine sat in tonno casks.

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