Lastar C/V

Vineyards: Levač
Varietal composition: blend of red grape varieties
Winemaking: 60% inox, 40% barrique
Alcohol: 14,5%
Serving temperature: 16-18 °C

The blend of red varieties of the Lastar winery is found in the wine called Lastar C/V. The fruity flavours in which red and black fruits prevail form the basis of this wine and perfectly accompany the freshness that is noticeable in the taste. The oak elements are strictly dosed and are perfectly integrated with the primary fruit flavours, which makes the aromatics very well balanced. By balancing the part of the barriqued wine with wine from a neutral container, we try to make a good blend that has all the elements of a good wine, but also freshness as well as fluffiness. A precise finish in which the power of smell is also accompanied by the taste, tells all about this wine in the right way. 

Gastro recommendations:

Pork roast

Soft and juicy steaks


Pizza Fungi

Pasta Bolognese