Lastar Rose

Wine region: Levač wine region
Type content: Pinot noir and Merlot
Vinification: 100% inox
Alcohol: 13%
Awards: Silver medal: BIWC 2018 / 2020
Bronze medal: BIWC 2017

Lastar Rose already has an established style and a sealed quality level which it follows uncompromisingly from harvest to harvest regardless of variations which naturally occur throughout the year. After a light draining follow settling and fermentation of must in moderate temperatures in neutral inox dishes. In Lastar winery, Rose is produced exclusively from two grape types (Pinot noir and Merlot), and in that coupage, Pinot noir dominates. We try hard every year to make a rose wine in which are accented pleasant freshness, flutteriness and fruitiness, but also to preserve the depth, elegance and its unique character. This is precisely why we find it important to maintain a moderate alcohol level and a body of medium fullness. Fruity-flowery notes dominate, so aromas of strawberry, cherry, currants, raspberry and rose are very pronounced, as well as mild spicy notes and a gentle provansal color of salmon. On the palate, it is smooth and fresh and the aftertaste is enduring with a noticeable fruity character.

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