Lastar Cru 6

Wine area: Levač
Varieties used: blending of black grape varieties
Vinification: 25% barrique barrels, 75% stainless (inox) vessels
Alcohol: 14,8%
Lastar Cru 6

Six vineyard plots of land, different in many respects (among other things, also in terms of age and position), were chosen with the aim of creating a unique red blend. Vinification of grape varieties is carried out in stainless (inox) vessels, separately, while the final blend emerges somewhat later. A vessel contains black grape varieties in different proportions exactly because we want to obtain particular wine components from each of the varieties. In this way, we reach a balance between all the elements of a wine, with grapes, that is, the distinguishing characteristics of different varieties, being brought to the forefront. Following alcoholic fermentation, a wine goes through malolactic fermentation and then one part of the wine rests in barrique barrels for a year, while the other part of the wineremains in stainless vessels, whereby its freshness and fruitiness are preserved.

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