Lastar Chardonnay Triangl

Wine region: Levač wine region
Type content: Chardonnay
Vinification: 100% French barrique from the renowned Burgundian manufacturer Meyrieux
Alcohol: 13%
Awards: IWC 2017, 2018, 2019 bronze medal
AWC 2017 bronze medal
BIWC 2019 silver medal
Triangl Chardonnay

Thanks to the optimal conditions throughout 2015, at the point of harvest, the grapes achieved ideal parameters, therefore the optimal technological maturity. After a short maceration, light draining and settling, must fermented spontaneously at 18-22 degrees. This wine has sat for a year in oak tonno barrels (500 liters) over a yeast bed, with periodic stirring and raising of the precipitate. Mature character of the raw materials affected the wine so that it took more time in order to integrate the oak aroma into the wine structure. 2016 harvest in Levač was slightly more humid and colder than the last. Due to a forecast of heavy rain in September, grapes were harvested somewhat earlier which is the reason for the increased freshness of the bottle. Also, the acid content is higher so the integration of the oak aroma was simpler and the wine was ready for consummation earlier. Wine from 2015 is stronger and more robust, while the 2016 Chardonnay Triangl is more elegant, better balanced, but equally as complex as the last year's.

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